Women in Emergency Medicine Around the World Virtual Symposium 16 Dec 2021

This virtual symposium is brought to you by the International Federation for Emergency Medicine and Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians. Gender equality is a human right, is essential to the achievement of peaceful societies with full human potential and research has shown that gender balance in the clinical workforce can affect patient outcomes. Although gender equality is recognised as one of the most important determinants of healthcare development, gender equality remains a complex issue in the clinical workforce with progress towards international gender equality targets being slow. In our next edition of our around the world event series, leading international speakers will address the issues facing women emergency medical care workers in different regions of the world, what needs to change, and what you can do in your own workplace to take steps towards gender equality. 

At the conclusion of the symposium participants will be able to: 

  1. List three incentives and three barriers that women physicians face when trying to train in Emergency Medicine around the world. 
  2. Compare and contrast the working conditions for women in Emergency Medicine in North America, South America, Europe, Australasia, Africa, and the Middle East. 
  3. Explore how organizations like IFEM and CAEP can support women in Emergency Medicine in your region. 

Date and Time 

16 December 2021 11pm – 2am Singapore 
Registration fee 

High Income Countries: $20USD $28AUD 

Low and Middle Income Countries, nurses, EMS and students: $5USD $7AUD 

Canadian Association of Emergency Physician members: no fee  

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