SEMS @ 15th Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology International Scientific Conference


Come November, SEMS will be part of the prestigious 15th Asia Pacific Medical Association of Medical Toxicology International Scientific Conference!

The Conference is set for 17th to 20th, and SEMS will be hosting the Emergency Medicine Track on the 20th.

SEMS Programme will begin the day with a Plenary Session, entitled “Gastric Decontamination in Asia: Beyond the Position Statements” by Dr Fei Lung Rick Lau, the Director of Hong Kong Poison Information Centre, Chief-of-Service of the Clinical Toxicology Department at United Christian Hospital in Hong Kong.

Look out for the SEMS Symposium! – Toxicology Resuscitation Fast & Furious: You and Your Next Shift. Listen to Dr Chris Nickson from Australia debunk Myths in Toxicology Resuscitation, Dr Bruno Megarbane from France discuss ECMO in Toxicology, Dr Sophie Gosselin giving the latest on Dialysis in the Poisoned Patient as well as Singapore’s Paediatric Emergency Physician, Dr Ng Kee Cheong on his experience with Paediatric Toxicology – The Agony and the Ecstacy. 

Interested in Mass Disaster and Outbreaks, Prescription Medicine Misuse? – There will be invited speakers and oral presentations on these topics as well.

If you are looking for a challenge, stick around till the end. SEMS will conclude the conference with the inaugural “Interactive Toxic Challenge”!

For more information, visit the 15th APAMT website!

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